Seth and Lucas - BFF?Seth Cohen is going to cream his pants. Not only is George Lucas going to appear on The O.C., reports TV Squad, but he does so on the premise of being interested in Seth's graphic novel. I guess being rich does really does have it's rewards. We were going to do a graphic novel here a Cinematical—you know, a little something about Kierkegaard and Kantian philosophy in post-WWII Germany (Karina even did a cute little drawing of the Kierk-master smoking his pipe), but we couldn't get anyone to pick it up. When Lucas said he was going to foray into television, guess he wasn't kidding. Is this just a scheme (our favorite word) to promote the upcoming Revenge of the Sith, or do you think Lucas watches The O.C. open-mouthed like the rest of us? Bah. Cross-promotion is taking over the world.
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