It's now day number 3 of the Boston Independent Film Festival and I'm back at the Brattle in Harvard Square for The Future of Food. It's started to rain, but not that bad.

A volunteer I know tells me that one of the festival founders' girlfriend saw a screener of this film and was so scared that now she only eats organic food. One couple in the rush line (wait list to buy tickets) quietly leave after overhearing this.

So what exactly is the Future of Food? It's part of the new horror subgenre of documentary films which was founded by Michael Moore in Bowling for Columbine. It's the culture of fear in full effect. This is not to discredit such a film, I agree with most the viewpoints, but is definitely something you must tell yourself going in.

Gone are the days of the subjective documentary. In the fashion of The Corporation, this film spins a narrative with great looking visuals, almost as if a script and shot list was prepared in advance. The talking head interviews are inserted between the script where and if appropriate. And I'm sure any argument against the filmmakers case conveniently found it's way into the "circular file."
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