Freeman, Rockwell, and DefWhen I was a youth—you know, back in the day—my brother and I used to play the text RPG  (that's Role Playing Game for you non-geeks) of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. As a metaphor for everything Hitchhiker, the most impossible task was just getting Arthur Dent up and out of his house at the beginning of the game. We tried everything in our limited RPG lexicon: stand up, open door, turn on light...uh...stand up? Nothing worked, and we were assaulted with a constantly rotating series of Adams-esque insults because we were so infuriatingly stupid. Finally, we called my brother's friend, and he revealed to us the magic words: Open eyes. Voila! We did, only to discover that we'd opened our eyes an hour too late and now, yes, the Earth was destroyed, Game Over.