Christian Bale is sad because he loves Apple tooI got all excited this morning when I heard there was a glimpse of the new Batman Begins trailer to be had on [via Ain't It Cool News]. So much for that. It seems that I, as a Macintosh user, don't get to see any moving parts on MTV's website, because they're officially "PC-only." Not even their premium broadband channel, MTV Overdrive, will let a poor sap like me in: "MTV Overdrive uses Windows Digital Rights Management (DRM) to protect videos from unauthorized re-distribution."

Does any other Powerbook lover feel like they sometimes have to jump hoops on the internet just to get the same content as everyone else? I don't blame Apple. I'm a convert from the Windows camp, and therefore I know that Microsoft wants all Mac users to throw up their hands in desperation and run into the warm, sunny arms of Bill Gates. Never!

Will somebody please, please, tell me what the new Batman trailer looks like? I'd read the MTV article but now I'm grumpy.