maggie_150x218.jpgIt seems like The Maggie Gyllenhaal Incident is not going away. We reported the other day that the sitemaster of had pleaded to Gyllenhaal detractors to stop "spamming" her message board. Now, Reuters is reporting that the message board has so bombarded with feedback that it crashed the site's server. Today, the comments apparatus was taken off the site, because, as the sitemaster wrote, "it's gotten too outta hand."She continues, "You can read this as a revoke of freedom of speech if you like, but it's far from it ... If you feel the need to bitch about Maggie ... this is not the place to do it."

In case you haven't heard, the controversy started when Ms. Gyllenhaal told a reporter at Friday night's Tribeca screening of The Great New Wonderful that she felt the US was "responsible in some way" for the September 11 attacks; it escalated when, on Monday, the actress released a statement refusing to apologize for the initial quote.