I will not die another day! I will not!Pierce Brosnan the new old James Bond? Dame Judi Denchlet loose her lips, says the UK Mirror. It's not entirely confirmed, but it could be that our new suave, danger-prone gentleman of the Walther PPK is no one new at all.  Evidently Dame Dench revealed this bit while promoting her new film, Ladies in Lavender. So, Pierce Brosnan. Again. Previous reports had Daniel Craig playing the classic character, and many fans (including us here at Cinematical) were disappointed at that choice, as we'd hoped for at least a hunky Clive Owen. Not that Craig is awful—he did play the sexy, philandering poet Ted Hughes in Sylvia.

Anyway. If this pans out, Brosnan will make his big return in an updated Casino Royale, and evidently he's more than thankful for a second chance. Well, it is a bit of a bummer to get canned as James Bond, even if you are 51 years old. Sigh. Is anyone else non-plussed by this bit of non-information? We think Brosnan's Bond looks like he slathers on Pond's Face Cream each morning.

Casino will reappear in theatres November 2006.
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