• In today's cruelest irony, my favorite set of genes in Hollywood will star in an Alfonso Cuaron movie about a future in which humans can no longer bear children.
  • Arrested Development's Will Arnett will star in "family comedy" Dad Can't Lose - his second upcoming project to be confirmed in the past week. But no, AD isn't cancelled, or anything ...
  • Who cares who's gonna be the next James Bond - Who's gonna be Captain America? With the distribution support of Paramount, Marvel Films is rushing features based on its few remaining characters into production.
  • Bee Story, a Dreamworks CGI feature co-scripted by Jerry Seinfeld, has been given a November 2, 2007 release date. No sense in rushing anything, right?
  • At the XXX: State of the Unionpremiere, Variety asks Xzibit about "pimping" "rides", and Xzibit says, "Fuck the cars! The cars were getting blown up!" My word! What would Army Archerd say?
  • "Sleeping Beauty's Castle at Disneyland will undergo a golden transformation between the hours of 10 p.m. Wednesday and 10 a.m. Thursday." That's what Army Archerd would say.
  • "There are some people that tell me it's too gay... but it's theater!" David Rooney reviews Tribeca doc SHOW Business.

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