"One of my happiest memories ever is being 17 and having an illicit glass of wine or two there with Rick Linklater and Douglas Coupland, and thinking to myself that I was just about the hottest shit ever. *sigh*."

That's Dazed and Confused star Wiley Wiggins, talking about Austin's now-defunct Les Amis Cafe, subject of the documentary Viva Les Amis. The film uses the cafe as a model of the changing face of Austin - as Newman Stribling, Les Amis manager for 27 years, says in the trailer, "As things become more prosperous and safe, they become less peculiar and interesting."

The best part of the trailer is the series of interviews with employees of the Starbucks that Les Amis was replaced by, about what they've heard about the history of the location. "I never saw this," says "Meg", skeptically, "but I have heard that there was a, um, what are those shops called where they sell pipes and bongs?"

Viva Les Amis screens this Tuesday and Wednesday at the Alamo Drafthouse Downtown in Austin. There's a party after the Tuesday show at the Continental Club; for more info, visit the film's website.
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