longest_yard.gifIt's still April, and it's only about 60 degrees here in New York, but is it possible that the Summer Movie Season hype is already over? That's what David Poland wonders today in his 20 Weeks of Summer column for Movie City News. Even though there are plenty of big releases coming up over the next (count 'em) 17 weeks, including, of course, the final installment of Star Wars, Poland notes that the "hungry, rabid, desperate need to get to that theater and see that film first, sooner, NOW, just isn't there."

I know that I'm not personally excited about ANY of the big films coming out this summer. I'll probably see (and maybe even enjoy) The Wedding Crashers and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, but The Longest Yard? If that film needed a remake, I've yet to be convinced. Unlike Poland, I haven't yet seen *all* of the upcoming art house releases - but other than the new offerings from Jim Jarmusch and Werner Herzog, there doesn't seem to be much to get it up for.

Is this going to be the worst summer movie season ever? What are you looking forward to seeing?
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