Batman gets even creepierFinally! The new Batman Begins trailer has made it to the Apple website (thanks Eddie), and I've gotten a chance to properly mull it over.

So, let's see... Bats? Check. Brooding handsome man? Check. Training montage? Check. Beautiful lovestruck lonely girl? Check. Insane criminal with sack on face? Check. Fire breathing stallions? Check.

It would seem this latest trailer really does have all the elements of the movie snuggled into one package, and dare I say, it looks good. Here we finally achieve some depth into the actual narrative arc of the film, instead of the skims we were initially offered (not that those didn't look good.) Bruce Wayne begins, Bruce Wayne becomes, Bruce Wayne buys awesome gear, saves beautiful girl, and fights super creepy sackcloth wearing madman in a Gotham that is somewhere in the sixth level of Dante's Inferno. I think I am finally convinced that Christian Bale was the perfect choice for this film—he brings a bit of his past with him - and by that I mean American Psycho - but it's suitably grim baggage.