Anna PaquinChristy Lemire of AP Newswire gives us a thrilling rundown of the many parties of the Tribeca Film Festival. Her conclusion? Well, there's lots of a parties. In fact, there are so many, Lemire wagers you could spend an entire evening just partying, and not see a single film! She dives in. Here's our take on her skinny:
  • First stop, a party that hasn't started, so Lemire and friend move on to the next, where they find "Anna Paquin sitting on a window ledge." Apparently, the mood is "vaguely like a college alumni group happy hour." Well, okay, that's cool, I guess.
  • The intrepid reporter blazes along, noting the evenings various high-points. Olive pizza at one, ethnically-diverse crowds at another, massages at the next. Does the fun ever stop? No, it doesn't.
  • Next Lemire hits the World Financial Center for a shindig celebrating the documentary The American Ruling Class. Classical music and Fox News Channel are the Chex Irony Mix of the evening. Walter Cronkite wasn't there.
  • The best scene of the evening? The Maxim party, of course. Lemire discovers that Christian Slater smokes, and women's breasts pop out of tank tops.
  • Finally, her evening winds down as a Moby-lookalike piles into a cab, and a girl vomits into a bucket. So, who won the race?