Here's some curious math: Reuters reports that this year's total box office numbers are about 6% down from this time last year. There are a couple of possible explanations for this - for starters, there have been 10 fewer wide releases this year than last. But check this out: if you subtract the amount of money earned by The Passion of the Christ from last year's tally, then this year's numbers are about 11% ahead. By the end of April 2004, Passion had already earned $364 million dollars; not only has 2005 not seen a hit anywhere near that magnitude, but only three of the 24 films that have been wide released have even crossed the $100 million mark: Hitch, Robots, and - wait for it - The Pacifier. Dreamworks distribution president Jim Tharp explains that the kind of movies that Hollywood has recently been releasing are not the kinds of movies that gross 300 million dollars. "I think the product isn't very compelling," he told Reuters. "There are a lot of horror movies, a lot of movies that attract a specific audience but not a broad audience. Once that one demographic plays out, these movies don't broaden, and the drop-off is really fast."