Does anybody really believe that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are dating?  That's the gist of this article in the New York Post (headline: "Roman Ha-Ha Day" - another winner!), breaking down all of the suspicious aspects of this fortuitous union. Among the fishier aspects: Cruise is a megastar who badly needs his next film, War of the Worlds, to be a mega hit; Holmes has never starred in a film that hasn't bombed (remember First Daughter? Yeah, me neither). Plus, celebrity romances usually begin the Brad-and-Angelina way: lots of sneaking around, and plenty of denials. The simultaneous leaking of awkward kissy-kissy photos and enthusiastic publicist confirmations in this case are thus a bit suspicious. All of this has riled pundits past the point of skepticism. As CNN's Bill Hemmer put it on air, "What kind of sham is this, by the way? You are gullible, America."
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