We told you last week about The Family Entertainment and Copyright Act, the bill signed by George W. Bush that simultaneously cracks down on amateur piracy and promotes censorship in the name of "family values." Filmbrain has now performed an excellent deconstruction of that bill. The "scariest bit", he says, is the Family Movie Act, which paves the way for companies like FamilyFlix and ClearPlay (who Filmbrain says the FMA "was geared to benefit ... alone") to distribute their own sanitized versions of films without fear of prosecution for copyright infringement. These edits can range from the outright silly (an image of a starfish dancing in high heels is cut from The Spongebob Squarepants Movie, because FamilyFlix doesn't "think that lifestyle should be glorified") to the potentially historically revisionist (as when the voices of racist cops are removed from The Hurricane).

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