In the just-released Spring issue of Filmmaker Magazine, Gregg Araki talks to Peter Bowen about, amongst other things, the process of scoring his new film, Mysterious Skin. Araki's films are known for their back-to-back club-mix-style source cues; he knew he needed to break the mold with this project but, still in need of something to edit to, he cut the first draft of the film to "The Moon and the Melodies", by The Cocteau Twins and lo-fi legend Harold Budd. "The music needed to all be of the period, which would have been 1991, and that album worked perfectly," he says. When it came down to replacing it, Araki took a shot in the dark and contacted Budd and Cocteau Twin Robin Guthrie, who were not only miraculously available, but went on to produce "the most beautiful music, like overnight."

The score is incredibly haunting and powerful, and yet it blends seamlessly with the few jems from Araki's record collection that pop up gloriously and unexpectedly throughout the narrative. The opening credits are set to Syd Barrett's "Golden Hair", as covered by Slowdive; later we hear from Ride, Sigur Ros and the Cocteau Twins proper. Amazon says the film's soundtrack will be released on May 24, and even if, like me, you could unearth most of it from your own MP3 collection, the score itself is worth checking out.