• Todd Haynes' seven Bob Dylans may or may not include Colin Farrell, Julianne Moore, Richard Gere and Charlotte Gainsbourg. We'll know more after Cannes.
  • XXX marks the relative highlight of an alltogether so-what week at the foreign box office.
  • After star Felicity Huffman's Best Actress win at this weekend's Tribeca Film Festival, trannie-in-crisis flick Transamerica is drawing more attention from distributors.
  • Justin Timberlake will voice a character in Shrek 3. Insert wedding present joke here.
  • Fox Searchlight is hosting an exhibition of artifacts from the Kinsey Institute, featuring an appearance by Kinsey director Bill Condon, the day before the film's release on DVD.
  • "Genuinely spectacular and historically quite respectable" - Todd McCarthy reviews Ridley Scott's latest, Kingdom of Heaven.
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