sho.jpgMichael Showalter, who we're totally in love with thanks to Wet Hot American Summer and The State, has a new movie called The Baxter. A takeoff on the nice-guys-finish-last melancholia of The Apartment and other classic mid-century romantic dramedies, the film screened to decidedly mixed reviews at Tribeca. Some people I talked to felt like the film wore its "influences" too obviously, others thought it perfectly handled the genrefuck.

I waited in line for an hour and a half in the rain and didn't get into The Baxter's final Tribeca screening, so I was really excited to learn that Bravo is hosting a clip from the film online. But, unfortunately, due to some bad-tech-karmic combination of me being a Mac user and Firefox generally getting confused everytime I ask it to do something useful, I haven't been able to watch it. But my frustration was lessened after finding these clips from The Baxter's soundtrack, composed by Craig Wedren, who we're totally in love with thanks to Shudder to Think. I especially like "Born Curious."