David Hasselhoff at Bollywood AwardsI want to put a serious word in here for David Hasselhoff. Despite his achingly bad—but completely sincere—acting/singing, he's still a star in my book, and now (finally!) someone has noticed. The Bollywood Awards, India's Oscars, gave kudos to Hasselhoff, although Reuters didn't mention for what. Still, he's proud of Knight Rider and Baywatch, and dare I say it, so are we. How did he put it? Yes, yes..."saving lives not taking lives."

Reuters also reports that the actor, whose old hits are still going strong in India, feels he's got "much in common with the escapism of Bollywood." Who knew! Hasselhoff has plans to work on some Bollywood romance films—maybe a starring role? Personally, I'm all about it: Bollywood represents (in it's unique way) all the old-style Hollywood films we're lacking now. Platonic romance. Ice-skating while singing. Extensively choreographed dance numbers on cruise ships. Cruise ships! Sure, I'm mostly referring to Fred Astaire films, but so what? All we've got today are explosions on cruise ships, no dancing. A chance to see one of America's most innocuous stars romancing and dancing the Bollywood would be a special treat, don't you think?
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