We had so much fun employing our shoddy Photoshop skills yesterday that we thought we'd extend the opportunity to you guys to play around with some wishful casting composites. So: 007. Sure, Judi Dench says Pierce Brosnan's coming back as Bond, but, for the time being, we're gonna pray she meant Clive Owen remain open-minded. We know y'all have your ideas as to who will/should take over the franchise - so hack together a JPEG of your pick, Photoshop 'em into the suit/the stance/the whatever-it-takes to convince us that you've found the next 007, add a caption, and send 'em in. The winning image will score $100!

The Rules:

  1. Only famous (or semi-famous, or at least infamous) prospective Bonds are allowed - we don't want to hear about how great your boyfriend or your neighbor or your cat would be in the role. Sorry.
  2. Entries will be judged on originality, outlandishness, and general laugh-out-loud funniness. Actual compositing skill is pretty much irrelevant. In fact, it might hurt you.
  3. Images should be smallish, no bigger that 350 pixels wide, and formatted as JPEGs.
  4. Email your image to cinematical@gmail.com, or post a link to your image in the comments to this post.
  5. All entries must be received by Friday, May 6, at 6pm EST. Winners will be announced on Monday morning.
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