janet-maslin.jpg"Boredom is a much bigger problem than revulsion," Janet Maslin says. "Hating something can lead to an interesting review. But when you're bored, you just wind up boring others."

I often find Maslin - who first hit my love/hate radar after she almost single-handedly determined the fate of Harmony Korine's Gummo by calling it "the worst film of the year" in the opening sentence of her New York Times review - extremely difficult to agree with, but she never bores. Rockcritics has an excellent interview with the NYT's movie-turned-book-critic, in which she touches on every major flashpoint of her lengthy critical career: from her disasterous NYT interview, to her much-criticized "I-walked-out-after-15-minutes" review of the original Dawn of the Dead, to her controversial shift to the book critic post five years ago. [via MCN]
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