• johnny-depp.jpgTapes containing "personal data" - from social security numbers to home addresses - of 600,000 current and former Time Warner employees has gone mysteriously "missing". The Secret Service is on the case.
  • Johnny Depp will produce (but probably not star in) an adaptation of Nick Hornby's A Long Way Down.
  • Reese Witherspoon will produce (and possibly star in) Around the World in 80 Dates, based on the memoir by Jennifer Cox.
  • The producers of Ray are working on bringing the biopic to Broadway.
  • William Monahan (Kingdom of Heaven) is scripting a project in which Matt Damon will play Marco Polo. The explorer, not the elementary school swimming pool game.
  • Street Fight, Marshall Curry's documentary on the 2002 Newark mayoral race, took the top prize this weekend at the 12th Annual Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival,

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