funnyhahabigfaces_1.jpgWith all of us indie-minded film bloggers foaming at the mouth over the recent release of Andrew Bujalski's Funny Ha Ha and the festival cruise of Mutual Appreciation,  the blogosphere (yeah, I said it) is threatening to turn the Bujalskisphere. Here's a sampling of the blogs that have mentioned his film(s) within just the past few days:

  • GreenCine, among others, have picked up the indieWIRE interview, in which Bujalski denies allegiance to a movement called Mumblecore that may-or-may-not exist.
  • Cynthia Rockwell interviews Mutual Appreciation star (and former grad school classmate) Rachel Clift.
  • Have Fun, Go Mad on the Funny Ha Ha/Bishop Allen connection (and last week's release party at The Delancey).
  • The Cinetrix does her own round-up of Bujalski's recent praise, including reviews from Dennis Lim and Amy Taubin.
I can only hope all of our fervent praise is going to less harm than good - if I hadn't already seen and loved these films, right about now is when I might start looking for the backlash...