• 1SNLbe00.jpgWhat are Scott, Anthony and Vonzell still doing on American Idol?
  • If there's one thing Joan Rivers loves ... it's a brow lift. But if there are two things Joan Rivers loves, its a brow lift and a game of ice hockey.
  • Is Judging Amy coming back next season? Since even the producers aren't sure, they're playing it safe.
  • Did anyone really miss Will Ferrell on SNL? Uh, yeah, apparently.
  • Danny Bonaduce goes into rehab the same week Pat O'Brien makes it out - and yes, of course we're going to contextualise that in terms of A Star is Born. We can't resist.
  • Stephen Colbert is getting a Daily Show spinoff, proving once again that fake news is way more profitable than real news.
  • I'm not going to have to get over my Patrick Dempsey fever anytime soon - Grey's Anatomy is coming back for a second season.
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