You, too, can buy your way into show business - for the low, low cost of $19.95.

Josh Lewis and Joey Garfield, the makers of Dumped! The Musical, are selling an Associate Producer credit on their film for the above-mentioned Buy-it-Now price on Ebay. Their pitch is pretty hilarious. After explaining the section of the Producers Guild Code that defines an Associate Producer as "performing one or more functions delegated to him/her by the person receiving the Producer's credit," they recommend the Associate Producer credit as "the IDEAL GIFT for any occasion":

BIRTHDAY, BAR MITZVAH, NEWBORN BABY - Start your movie career today!

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the purchase history reveals that only one of 3500 available credits have been sold. Still, it's a great publicity stunt, if probably not the best way to go about actually raising $70,000. [via FILMMAKER blog]
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