• _1772763_globes19.jpg"The next Rush Hour is finally in the fast lane." Italics theirs. No, seriously.
  • Baz Luhrmann is scheming to cast Nicole Kidman and Russell Crowe in his next film, a romantic war epic set in Austrailia.
  • Cameron Diaz and Mike Meyers will co-star in a Sony comedy called Holiday - presumably *not* a remake of the 1938 George Cukor film in which Cary Grant longs to shrug off the constraints of polite society so he can drink and read and flirt with Katherine Hepburn.
  • Dave Chappelle cracks up; the futures of Chappelle Show and (we shit you not) a proposed Rick James biopic are up in the air.
  • FOX COO Peter Chernin says he'd be "thrilled" to babysit Pixar if and when the animation studio runs away from their long-time home at Disney.
  • Julia Roberts is starring in Good Grief, scripted by Michael Cunningham! Oh, wait, no she's not. Well, actually, she probably is.
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