In breaking news of trashtacular proportions, online casino Golden Palace has paid $5001 for a home pregnancy test that may-or-may-not have been used and discarded by Britney Spears. A Canadian radio station claims the test was retrieved several months ago from a trash can outside of a hotel in Los Angeles where Spears was staying. The casino acquired the urine-stained detritus with the intention of adding it to their "collection of oddities", which also includes "a sandwich that resembles the Virgin Mary" and "a Dorito that looks like the Pope's hat." The spokesman for the casino defended the purchase: "It's hard to put a price on Britney Spears' urine." I don't think we can argue with that.

Oh, wait, this is a movie blog - right. Britney's also attached to star opposite Tim Allen and Cher in In the Pink (quiet, pervs), to be directed by Simon Beaufoy, screenwriter of The Full Monty.
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