With Gregg Araki's excellent new film, Mysterious Skin, opening at Film Forum tomorrow, indieWIRE's Brandon Judell called the once-and-possibly-future bad-boy of New Queer Cinema and asked him a few questions. Araki is almost chronically resistant to categorization, and a lot of the fun in reading his interviews can be found in watching him squirm out from under the burden of the question-asker's assumptions. But in this case, there's a kind of comedy in the simplest misunderstandings. Example:

indieWIRE: You've said, "I'm much more into buying CDs than I am into keeping up with current movies."

Araki: That's true ... I get a huge inspiration from music as does Scott Heim, the author of "Mysterious Skin." ... I think that he likewise is very into this certain type of alternative music that I'm into. This kind of "hoogays" alternative music.

iW: It's called what?

A: It's called "qgays."

iW: "Q hyphen Gays"?

A: It like shoes that you wear on your feet, and gaze. Not like "gays," like homosexual gays, but "gaze," like you are gazing at your shoes.

iW: Oh, "shoe gaze." Okay.

Araki goes on to discuss his punk-rock aesthetic (or lack thereof), the inevitable logisitical difficulties surrounding the making of a humanist film about child abuse, and his next project - a sci-fi film called Creeeeps!