007 logoAnother day, another 007 story to confuse and whet the appetites of fans. In an interview with ignforce.com, Layer Cake actor Daniel Craig says he really *was* asked to play James Bond. And in yet more news, Layer Cake director Matthew Vaughn was also approached to direct the next Bond flick (Casino Royale), but chose X-Men 3 instead. It seems that MGM is going around offering roles and directing gigs to various people, but the Broccoli family (the producers of the Bond movies) have other ideas. Or maybe this whole thing is just publicity and negotiation tactics by the studio and producers. Who knows? But wouldn't it be great to have a James Bond girl named Layer Cake? It just sounds like a female character they'd have in one of the movies, if you get my meaning. (Hey, don't forget our James Bond contest!) 

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