• Episode3Teasermidsize.jpgTodd McCarthy calls Revenge of the Sith "the best in the overall series since The Empire Strikes Back." Unsurprisingly, then, he feels that "stratospheric B.O." - that's box office - "is a given."
  • Meanwhile, George Lucas will be awarded the Cannes Festival Trophy in a ceremony to take place aboard the Queen Mary 2.
  • With Pixar profits up, so are the chances the animation house might re-up their distribution deal with Disney.
  • Various fictional characters showed up to help Disneyland celebrate its 50th anniversary.
  • Monster-in-Law is a "shrill, under-motivated, feature-length catfight", with "instincts more attuned to commercial hooks than to character insight or plausibility".
  • Producer Ross Katz calls Sofia Coppola "a force of nature", and Kirsten Dunst "one of the finest actors I've ever worked with," and Army Archerd - who else? - is right there to mop up the drool.
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