• Heavy Metal MagazineHeavy Metal Magazine and Cinema Libre Studio are in cahoots to produce original, live-action sci-fi/fantasy flicks for DVD. In a crazy, risky move, Heavy Metal will market the films to youngmen.
  • Walden Media, the same folks who brought Narnia to Disney, have just bought the rights to Susan Cooper's 1978 series of fantasy books called "The Dark is Rising Sequence." It's about a boy who learns he's a "sign seeker"—immortal, special powers, blah blah blah.
  • Wanda Sykes is contemplating attaching herself to a remake of All of Me. She'll play the LilyTomlinto an unknown actor's SteveMartin.
  • More Shakespeare on film! JenniferConnelly is now onboard for ToddLouiso's adaption of Macbeth, as is Mr. Everywhere-At-Once, Philip SeymourHoffman. Mr. and Mrs. Macbeth, do you think?
  • Finally, ArrestedDevelopment's Will Arnett is cast in Yet Another Film—this one called RV, and co-starring RobinWilliams (who, as I've said before, should no longer be allowed to act).
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