Miranda JulyWe weren't there, but we wish we had been. The SFIFF wrapped up earlier this week, and the winners were announced the other night. We thought we'd report to you on it, just so we could mention virtuoso artist(and blogger) Miranda July's name one more time. Her feature, Me and You and Everyone We Know, won both the Audience Award and Best Narrative Feature. Not too shabby for a girl who got her start opening for Seattle indie-rock bands.

The SFIFF Golden Gate Awards for experimental, short, and documentary films were announced as well, with best doc feature going to Czech directors VitKlusak and FilipRemunda for Czech Dream. TaggertSiegel's The Real Dirt on Farmer John won best Bay Area doc feature, and the best animated short prize went to Canadian (those sneaky Canadians) ChrisLandreth for Ryan.
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