Jailhouse rockThose crazy European progressives! Repealing the death penalty and giving prisoners 16mm cameras? What is that, some kind of art therapy meant to give inmates meaning in their lives and possibly keep them out of future trouble? Like that works.

Anyway. Back in 2004, Ireland's Prison Arts Foundation commissioned a short film from inmates at HMP Maghaberry (HMP = Her Majesty's Prison? That's a little...odd). The 15 minute short, titled InsideJob, not only won the 2004 Koestler Awards—an annual competition for prisons and psychiatric hospitals—but just had its first public screening this week at the Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival. Deputy governor of Maghaberry, Austin Treacy, seemed optimistic that such projects were worthwhile, noting "[prisoners] have had very little exposure to the arts in their own communities." Um, you think?
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