• Darth VaderAs we previously reported, HBO Films and New Line Cinema acquired Newmarket Films in an effort to bring smaller titles to the big screen. One of the first films to get the full HBO treatment will be Gus Van Sant's Last Days, which dramatizes the descent and eventual suicide of KurtCobain. Will it peeve HBO subscribers that their "original content" is no longer "original?" Probably.
  • HaydenChristensen loves the costume. In an interview with AP, Christensen talks about the empowering, near-religious experience of wearing The Mask. "I almost got this sort of beastly sense when I was in it." But will he take it off?
  • Stony Brook awards an honorary degree to Superman aka ChristopherReeve, who died in 2004. Reeve will now be a post-humous Doctor of "humane letters." No word on if that position is tenured.
  • That "nice little movie" Mike Nichols made back in 1967? TheGraduatescreened last Friday at the Motion Picture Academy Theatre. Despite the well-worn soundtrack and that "short, plain-looking actor" in the role of Benjamin Braddock, everyone "reacted warmly."
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