This past week, George Lucas and friends held top-secret, carefully guarded press and industry screenings of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. With 99.1% of all humans foaming at the mouth in anticipation of this film, we thought we'd take a stab at collecting all of the blog posts and full reviews of the film we could find, as they come in. From now through the films release, we'll be updating this list every day, with selected new entries on top, and the collected archive after the jump. If you want us to link to your blog, let us know in the comments. Oh, yeah - any and all spelling/grammar/accuracy errors belong to the original bloggers, and, if you're spoiler-phobic, consider yourself warned.

David Germain (AP) - "The action is relentless and includes sequences more dark and disturbing than anything previously seen in the tragic Skywalker soap opera."

David Ansen (Newsweek) -- "...we also have to put up with the usual Lucas liabilities: graceless dialogue, wooden acting, overcluttered compositions and undercooked characters, and an utter inability to stage a convincing love scene."
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