Are you obsessively interested in film, television, and/or advertising? Is your little brain bursting with potential commentary? If only you had a place to let all of your genius insights out, would your life then be made complete?

We thought so.

Weblogs, Inc, the giant blog network of which Cinematical is a part, is looking for new writers. Ideal candidates will be extremely web savvy, and terribly well-versed in one, some or all aspects of film and pop culture. So if you're whip-smart, know your way around decent pun, have way too much free time on your hands and want to get paid for putting it to use, please contact us here. We'd like to see three sample posts:

  • The Trailer Review: Go find a trailer. Review it. Stun us with your spot-on critique. Easy.
  • The Brief News Item: Go find a piece of industry/entertainment news. Write it up. Dazzle us with astute-yet-snark-washed insight. Even easier.
  • The Feature: Come up with an idea for a recurring feature, for either Cinematical, AdJab, or TVSquad. Write up the first, 350-word-ish post. Even easier.
Please let us know if you're specifically interested in writing for Cinematical, AdJab or TVSquad, and whether or not you'd be comfortable servicing all three.