sq_hayden_revenge_sith.jpgLet the flames alight - Karl Heitmueller explains why he won't "be joining the queue" in hot anticipation of Revenge of the Sith: "I don't like Star Wars", he writes on MTV.com. Not even on a plane? Not even on a train? Nope. Heitmueller loved the original film upon its original release, but, he says, "as time wore on, while I held on to many of the trappings of my youth (comic books, punk rock and stuff that glows in the dark still fit into my life), I found that I completely lost any affection for Star Wars." I can relate - My parents were pretty strict about the media I was exposed to until about 1991, and subsequently, I never even saw the Star Wars movies until I was in my early-20s, and an intrepid boyfriend decided to rectify the situation. By then, it was too late - I was too old and jaded to grasp the magic. I've never really understood why, as people of A Certain Age, our allegiance to Star Wars was, like, mandated by law. But, unlike Heitmueller, I think I've been a little bit won over by the Revenge of the Sith hype - although I can see his point when he notes that he's "amazed at the lack of skepticism regarding Revenge of the Sith. Barely anyone seems to be going in with guarded expectations. Even the M&Ms are geeked!"