laughters-fifth.gifYou know, here at Cinematical Headquarters, we're not as nerdy as you might think. I mean, okay, we're pretty nerdy, but we try to keep at least *one* finger planted on the pulse of the rock n' roll street. This month, that finger is quivering with excitement over Laughter's Fifth, the new record from Sam Jayne and Love as Laughter. We fell in love with LAL back when they were sort of a mid-90s Sub Pop indie rock supergroup; now, five years after their last release, our love is stronger than ever. And now it's time for you to fall in love, too - Love as Laughter are looking for filmmakers, artists and animators to submit music videos for their new single, Dirty Lives, which can be downloaded here. The idea seems to be to create a DVD anthology of all the best submissions. You can find out more on LAL's official site.
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