• picingoodcompany.jpgThe Life Aquatic: Wes Anderson's split tribute to Fellini and Jacques Cousteau; We liked it.
  • In Good Company: Topher Grace gets Dennis Quaid demoted, then - surprise! - bangs his daughter. It's actually a fairly clever comedy exploring the space between mid- and quarter-life-crisis, and Scarlet Johanssen impressively proves herself as the anti-Lohan. Recommended.
  • Burden of Dreams: Les Blank documents the, uh, troubled production of Werner Herzog's Fitzcaraldo. This Criterion Release includes a new interview with Herzog and Blank's short, Werner Herzog Eats His Shoe.
  • The Merchant of Venice: Jeremy Irons plays the titular merchant, and Al Pacino is Shylock the Jew in Michael Radford's adaptation of Shakespeare's still-controversial play.
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