willis_bruce.jpgAfter delving into Nikki Finke's HuffGate bitchslap, we figured we'd leave Arianna's Folly alone - blah blah blah deadhorse, or whatever. But, oh man, it just keeps getting better and better over there. The starpower quotient has (predictably) dropped considerably, but the, "Uh, what was that?" element is stronger than ever. Not only is producer/relic Robert Evans half-coherently sharing a page from his "Book of Rules" ("Have they treated me a bit harshly at times? Oh, yes! …But they’ve made my life one of wealth… wealth of discovery. Ain’t that what life is all about?"), but Danielle Crittendon (she wrote a book about chicks or something) is building bridges between Hollywood liberals and the politicians who hate them.

It all starts with Bruce Willis.

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