spurlock.jpgMorgan Spurlock, director/on-screen guinea pig of last year's Oscar-nominated Super Size Me, is deep in production on his next project. Sort of an extreme reality show (so, basically, the same methodology as Super Size Me, but in 30-minute chunks), 30 Days, which premieres on FX June 15, will track Spurlock as he emmerses himself in various lifestyles for one month at a time. In the first episode, he and vegan-chef-girlfriend Alex set up shop in Columbus, OH, where they attempt to live on minimum wage ($5.15/hr) for one month. In future episodes, Spurlock will tackle "Islam and America, Binge Drinking, Anti-Aging, Consumerism [and] Homosexuality." Spurlock parcels out a few more details on the production on his blog, but I'm sure he's saving a few juicy tidbits for his upcoming appearance on The View. "That's right, I'm gonna be on The View," he writes. "I can't believe it either."
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