p6.jpgThe William Morris Agency has hired attorney Bert Fields to sling threats at The New York Post, in response to the rag's multiple mentions of a "mass exodus" of WMA clients. Fields wrote an angry letter to the newspaper yesterday, specifically demanding a detraction of an allegedly libelous Post piece that appeared on Sunday, which claimed that WMA had called "an emergency meeting" at Shutters on the Beach in Santa Monica to "stop the bleeding at the troubled tenpercentery." In his letter, Fields called the Post article "utterly false in every respect". There was a meeting at Shutters, but apparently it was a company retreat and had "nothing to do with stopping any 'bleeding.' "

The Post's raft of WMA articles began last month, when a New Yorker profile of agent David Wirtschafter led (directly or indirectly) to the departures of several clients and agents, including Sarah Michelle Gellar and George Freeman. Fields is also on the hunt for the Post's source, whom he suspects is a mole alligned with a rival agency. "When I can make a positive identification," says Fields, "That amoral snake is going to be sorrier than the Post."
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