Robert Redford.gifEver wonder what's up with all these film festivals? Well, we here at Cinematical will be keeping up with the lasted entry deadlines, categories, and other festival detritus in a new regular feature. For now, though, let's take a look at some of the top film festivals worldwide, courtesy of BBC News.

The Berlin Film Festival opens in February, and according to their website, they're accepting submissions now. Their icon of choice? A cute little gold bear. Awwww. But don't get all goofy over the bear: the Berlinale is one of the biggest and best of the international film festivals.

Next up, Cannes, our infamous French friend that just opened this week. This is the "big one" in terms of clout (not to mention bikini clad stars), and began in 1939, only to be shut down by that pesky little World War. It started up again in the 50s.