Last week, George Lucas and friends held top-secret, carefully guarded press and industry screenings of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. With 99.1% of all humans foaming at the mouth in anticipation of this film, we thought we'd take a stab at collecting all of the blog posts and full reviews of the film we could find, as they come in. From now through the films release, we'll be updating this list every day, with selected new entries on top, and the collected archive after the jump. If you want us to link to your blog, let us know in the comments. Oh, yeah - any and all spelling/grammar/accuracy errors belong to the original bloggers, and, if you're spoiler-phobic, consider yourself warned.

John McKay @ The Canadian Press: "All of this reflecting man's primal struggle between good and evil, the ongoing lure of ascending into heaven versus the fear of paradise lost."

James Bregman @ BBC News: "Revenge of the Sith is breathtaking more often than it is ridiculous and shouldn't disappoint the fans who have waited 28 years for the series to come full circle."

Rebecca Murray @ About.com: "Lucas is like a kid in a candy store, cramming every scene with as much action and background movement as possible. At times it’s distracting, but overall it makes the world of “Star Wars” come alive."