inside-suvari.jpg26-year-old Mena Suvari (American Pie, American Beauty, Beauty Shop) has filed for divorce from her 43-year-old husband, cinematographer Robert Brinkmann (Encino Man, The Cable Guy, The Rules of Attraction). Aww, that's too bad. Sure, we rolled our eyes every time the gal went on Conan O'Brien and gushed about how she was so happy with her husband, but we're generally in favor of otherwise nameless Hollywood artisans marrying half-talented starlets. And the crazy kids were together five years - it was starting to seem like it was all just sleazy enough to work. Sigh. Poor Brinkmann - now he'll have to shill his directorial debut, Stephen Toblowsky's Birthday Party, in which Suvari appears, all by his lonesome.
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