scarcannes.jpgAt a press conference in Cannes to promote today's premiere of his new London-based film, Match Point, Woody Allen discussed his preferred way of working.

"I want the money in a brown paper bag and to give them the film a few months later, and that's that," he said. "In London, that's the way it was. There's no rigmarole from people who want to participate."

According to Reuters, Match Point is a "dark thriller" with "a tragic conclusion". Allen, for his part, is uncharacteristically sunny about the film's outcome. "I'm usually a very harsh critic of my own films. This one I felt positively about," he said, "It was quite a bit of luck."

Meanwhile, the star of Match Point as well as Allen's next film, Scarlett Johansson, downplayed comparisons to previous Allen muses. "I guess I'm glad we're working together again," she said. "We'll get to eat the free lunch from catering again."

UPDATE: J. Sperling Reich at Movie City News is reporting that Match Point is currently without U.S. distribution - according to an anonymous acquisitions exec he spoke to, Fox Searchlight and Dreamworks, Allen's two most recent distribs, feel they've been "burned" by too many of the director's flops.
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