color10.jpgThe big Bob Berney-led HBO/New Line venture has found itself a name, and that name is Picturehouse. A statement issued today, uh, stated: "The goal for Picturehouse is to be the theatrical distribution company of choice for a wide-ranging community of independent filmmakers, and to deliver a consistently high-quality slate of pictures to audiences." Picturehouse, which plans to relaese 8-10 films a year, is already compiling a compelling slate, including Gus Van Sant's Last Days, the Diane Arbus biopic Fur, the "real-life School of Rock" doc Rock School, The Chumscrubber, Mary Harron's Gretchen Mol-starring Bettie Page biopic, Tribeca/SXSW also-ran "crowd-pleaser" The Thing About My Folks, and Kenneth Branagh's latest experiment in Shakespearean revival, As You Like It.
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