I'm sort of immoderately interested in Last Days, Gus Van Sant's dramatic retelling of the demise of Kurt Cobain. The french trailer has been on the web for a while, and from the looks of things, Michael Pitt (the former WB network contract player who starred in The Dreamers, a film I appreciated conceptually but yawned through in actuality) has filed an eerilly accurate impersonation of the junkie/father/leader of the only really relevant rock group of the 90s. And it's good to see Van Sant follow Elephant with another auteur effort; there was a pointin the late 90s where we started to worry about him.

Via Movie City Indie I found an article by Van Sant in Liberation, in which the director describes his one meeting with the real Cobain. It was 1991, and the two were guests at a dinner party hosted by Cobain's manager. Van Sant describes a fascination sparked that night that would lead to the making of this film.