20040810_lindsay2.jpgThe Los Angeles Times has recently removed the subscription firewall from the online version of their Sunday Calendar section. It's basically the West Coast version of NYT Arts & Leisure, but with more multimedia and without Frank Rich.

  • Lindsay Lohan is soon to co-star with Meryl Streep in a Robert Altman film. But for now, she's crying in her trailer.
  • "I can't call Jane Fonda an old slut, they'll take away my SAG card." Lisa Rosen has lunch with Wanda Sykes.
  • Reed Johnson examines the new wave of South American political/historical filmmaking. The article includes links to clips and trailers.
  • "The rules of Cannes: When you see a bathroom, use it; when you see food, eat it, and when you see an umbrella for sale, buy it." Another postcard from Mary McNamara.
  • Reinventing Batman becomes more difficult when, as Peter Guber tells James Greenberg, "sometimes it looks like a business masquerading as a movie."

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