in the redThe Flux has been in beta for several months, but now it has officially launched. The site is designed for independent filmmakers, student filmmakers, and fans. The Flux features a weekly webcast highlighting one short film.

This weeks' film is called In the Red by Lucy Weissman, and it is about menstruation. I thought, "disgusting," but suspected my testosterone might have been getting in the way of appreciating the short, so I decided to watch it. My wife walked by while I was watching it and exclaimed, "That's disgusting!" It is disgusting, but in a funny way. I'm not sure, however, if it manages to say anything politically powerful on the subject of women's issues.

As with any student / independent driven film source, not all the content at The Flux is going to fall in line with society's mainline Hollywood sensibilities. Good. Check it out.
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