• Tom Hanks goes the CIA way"I just don't think we're equipped to think rationally about our challenges now, if we run around thinking we're completely uninvolved in what's happening, that it's a bunch of crazy people coming after us." Author George Crile and others attract the attention of the likes of Tom Hanks, Stephen Gaghan, and Robert De Niro, who want to open up the files of America's real cloak-and-dagger past.
  • "First, I wrote these two sex novels." Allison Hope Weiner sits down for a chat with Burt Fields, entertainment lawyer to the stars, about his "jugular instinct" and, well, other matters.
  • Steve Sansweet, "love child of Buddha and George Carlin" (and the next best thing to George Lucas), shares the secrets of his peculiar fame with Michael Gross.
  • Hollywood won't return John Grisham's phone calls, so the writer-turned-producer is going to do it his own way.
  • J.D. Biersdorfer on upcoming DreamWorks film Madagascar and the virtual New York behind it.
  • DreamWorks again? Yes. Marketing chief Terry Press lands a role in Wes Craven's new flick, Red-Eye.
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